Widget for searching items in BlueConic. It's a dialog that shows all navigable items in BlueConic, that can be selected. The select event will return the selected item(s).

require(["blueconic/api/widgets/dialog/SearchAndSelectDialog", "dojo/on"], function(SearchAndSelectDialog, on) {
  const widget = new SearchAndSelectDialog({
    isMultiple: true, // can multiple items be selected or not
    hiddenFacets: ["type"], // when filter on content type shouldn't be shown
    selectedFacetValues: [{facet:'type', value:'user'}], //  only show users in the results
    title: "title of the dialog"

    on(widget, "select", (items) => {
      // do something with the selected items



hiddenFacets Array.<String>

Array of facets which are hidden: eg when I want only to search for images, I do not want a content type widget. Eg: ["type"]

isMultiple boolean

If the search and select dialog should allow for multiple items to be selected.

selectedFacetValues Array.<String>

Array with selected facet values, eg: [{facet:'type', value:'user'}]

selectedItems Array.<>

Selected items in the search pane.

showAll boolean

Whether to show items that the user doesn't have permissions to (role based).

title String

The title of the dialog.



Hide the search and select dialog.


Show the search and select dialog.

update(query, excludeIds)

Update the parameters of the search dialog.

Name Type Description
query String

the term to search on in the dialog

excludeIds Array.<String>

the item IDs to exclude in the results



When the user closed the dialog.


When the user has made a selection in the search pane and clicked at the Select button, this function is called.

Name Type Description
selectedItems | Array.<>

the selected item(s)