BlueConic client

class Client
__init__(*, host=None, consumer_key=None, consumer_secret=None, objective_ids=None, ip='', port='', notebook_id=None, locale=None, use_as_default=True)

This class initializes the authentication for interfacing with the BlueConic bulk API for AI Workbench. If no parameters are given, credentials are requested from the server. Otherwise the host, consumer key, and consumer secret should all be given. If one of them is empty an exception is raised.

  • host (str, optional) – Host url

  • consumer_key (str, optional) – The consumer key generated by the BlueConic Plugin API

  • consumer_secret (str, optional) – The consumer secret generated by the BlueConic Plugin API

  • objective_ids ([str], optional) – The IDs of the objectives as a list

  • notebook_id (str, optional) – The ID of the notebook. Used to identify this notebook and find metadata. If empty, Jupyter is called to extract the notebook ID.

  • locale (str, optional) – The default locale to retrieve if possible

Usage - Without parameters:
>>> from blueconic import Client
>>> bc = Client()
Usage - With parameters:
>>> from blueconic import Client
>>> HOST = "http://localhost:3737"
>>> KEY = "testKey"
>>> SECRET = "testSecret1234"
>>> bc = Client(host=HOST, consumer_key=KEY, consumer_secret=SECRET)